Awards & Trophies

Modeler of the Year

The Modeler of the Year trophy is awarded to the member who has accrued the highest point score from all of the models they entered for assessment in the year. Models are assessed at regular monthly meeting. 2015 – Tony Allocca 2014 – Steve Honeyman 2013 – Chris Leeman 2012 – Ross Carlyon 2011 – … Continue reading Modeler of the Year

The Clubman

The Clubman of the Year (originally instigated as the “John Collette” Trophy) was inaugurated in 1997-98 as a perpetual trophy to be presented at the AGM to the member who has done something special for the club that would otherwise go unrecognised. While the committee decides who will be awarded the Clubman, we always appreciate … Continue reading The Clubman

Exhibitor of the Year

The Exhibitor of the Year is awarded to the society member who has contributed the most models for assessment in the year. It recognises the considerable effort our members go to to complete projects and share them with us all to enjoy! 2015: Tony Allocca. 2014: Ross Carlyon. 2013: Ross Carlyon. (14 models assessed).

Best Senior Model

The Best Senior Model or Best of Show trophy is presented to the best model at ScaleACT. The Best of Show is typically selected from the ranks of Category winners by the Chief Judge and an invited ( celebrity 🙂 guest judge… of late we have been pleased to welcome Frank Morgan of Model Art … Continue reading Best Senior Model

Best Junior Model

Presented for the best model entered by an ACTSMS Junior member at ScaleACT. 2016: Jesse Judson – Panzer IV 2015: Juniors – General. Victor-James Piscicelli – Star Wars AT-ST scout 2015: Juniors – Cars. Taylum Chamberlain – Opel Cadet 2014: Baxten Lucas – Wehrmacht T34-76/85 2013: Taylum Chamerlain – Bedford Army Fuel Tanker 2012 – Fergus Moss 2011 – Victor-James Piscicelli 2010 – … Continue reading Best Junior Model

Best Paint Scheme

Proposed by ACTSMS stalwart Mr Mike Stynes; awarded for the best paint scheme of a model at ScaleACT. The Best Paint Scheme can be awarded to any model entered at ScaleACT and does not need to be a category winner. Winners 2016: Jason Woollett – VW Beetle 2015: Brad Cheers – DeLorean Time Machine 2014: *** – F-4E Phantom … Continue reading Best Paint Scheme

The Kittyhawk Cup

The Kittyhawk Cup is a special ScaleACT judging category where all entrants build the same aircraft kit. Initially, the rules were strictly ‘Out of the Box’ but since 2006 have been expanded to include the use of after-market Decals. The name Kittyhawk Cup originated from the time the Australian War Memorial asked the Society if we … Continue reading The Kittyhawk Cup

The Sentinel Shield

The Sentinel Shield is a special ScaleACT judging category where all entrants must build a specified AFV model. The name ‘Sentinel Shield’ is in homage to the AC1 Sentinel, the Australian-designed and manufactured tank produced during WWII. 2016: Tamiya 1/48 Daimler Dingo. Peter Davis 2015: Tamiya 1/48 SdKfz 232. Chris Leeman 2014: Airfix 1/48 BAE Warrior. Peter Davis 2013: Hobby … Continue reading The Sentinel Shield

The Maritime Medal

The Maritime Medal is a special ScaleACT judging category where all entrants must build a particular 1/72 ship model to “Out of the Box” rules. 2014: Not awarded 2013: Not awarded. 2012: Dragon 1/700 USS Laffey. Jerry Cashman 2011: AFV Club 1/700 U-Boat. Peter Mitchell 2010: Tamiya 1/700 HMAS Vampire. Rod Martin.

The Ross Anderson Memorial

The Ross Anderson Memorial (or Members Choice) trophy is awarded to the model that was selected by ACTSMS members attending the Annual Competition as their choice of the best society model at the annual competition. Who was Ross Anderson? Ross Anderson passed away in January 1994 due to a fairly rare heart / lung condition. … Continue reading The Ross Anderson Memorial

The Grail

The Grail is a ScaleACT competition category which encourages participation in some of the less well subscribed model categories. The subject of the Grail changes from year to year. Keep your eye on the ScaleACT pages to get an early notification of what subject The Grail will take each year! 2016: “Beetlemania”. Paul D’Orival. VW New … Continue reading The Grail

Special Awards

In addition to the awards which have perpetual trophies, several others are awarded at ScaleACT. Many of these are special subject awards which are sponsored and attract a prize of some form. Best of Show 2016 – Azrael Raven – “Douki No Sakura” diorama 2015 – Brad Fallen – Fe.2b 2014 – Jason Wollett – Crashed Ford Focus 2013: Mick … Continue reading Special Awards

Quiz Champions

The Quiz Champions Cup is presented to the team or individual with the highest point score at the end of the annual quiz night. 2007 – X-Factor 2006 – Numbers of the Beast 2005 – Team Crusader 2004 – All the Presidents Men 2003 – Team Naughtics 2002 – Team Spitfire 2001 – Team Smokin … Continue reading Quiz Champions

Chief Judges Award

In a blatant attempt to encourage members to submit more work for assessments, the Committee has instigated the Chief Judge’s Award! The only criteria for selection is that the Chief Judge and one nominated Committee member think a particular model is deserving… that’s it… any one, any model can be eligible… so get your finished … Continue reading Chief Judges Award