The Grail

The Grail is a ScaleACT competition category which encourages participation in some of the less well subscribed model categories.

The subject of the Grail changes from year to year. Keep your eye on the ScaleACT pages to get an early notification of what subject The Grail will take each year!

  • 2017: “Emergency & Humanitarian Services” – 3 awards made…
    • Sponsors Choice (Runway 13) – Anthony Martin. 3/4 Cav M113
    • Competitors Choice – David White. Model T Firetruck 1914
    • Peoples Choice – Laurence Maftei. “343” Firetruck – NYC
  • 2016: “Beetlemania”. Paul D’Orival. VW New Beetle
  • 2015: “Spitfires on Runway 13”. Bill Bowe. Spitfire F.24 HKAAF
  • 2014: “The Masterbox Maestro”. Clayton OckerbyGerman Tanker
  • 2014: “Sci Fi”. Ben FrohlingTIE Fighter X-1
  • 2013: “The Masterbox Maestro”. Dave WhiteWW2 Pilot