The Kittyhawk Cup

The Kittyhawk Cup is a special ScaleACT judging category where all entrants build the same aircraft kit. Initially, the rules were strictly ‘Out of the Box’ but since 2006 have been expanded to include the use of after-market Decals.

The name Kittyhawk Cup originated from the time the Australian War Memorial asked the Society if we could build a batch of Kittyhawks for the Memorial Education staff. We had such a great time working on the same model that we enshrined the idea in this annual competition, which has subsequently been expanded to include armoured subjects in The Sentinel Shield, occasional Maritime subjects in The Maritime Medal and the relatively new The Grail – a catchall category for less frequently subscribed modelling subjects. 

  • 2016: Revell 1/72 Messerschmitt Me 262. Stuart Coleman
  • 2015: Airfix Bristol Blenheim. Brad Fallen
  • 2014: Tamiya Mitsubishi Zero. Clayton Ockerby
  • 2013: Hasegawa F-18. Chris Leeman
  • 2012: Airfix Bf110. Rod Martin
  • 2011: Airfix MiG 15. Peter Mahoney
  • 2010: Hobby Boss Corsair II: Jerry Cashman
  • 2009: Roden Fokker D7: Brad Cancian
  • 2008: Hobby Boss Bf109: ?
  • 2007: Hasegawa F104: Jeff Wilson
  • 2006: Revel P-51: Peter Shum
  • 2005: Revel P-47: Peter Shum
  • 2004: Academy Storch: Jerry Cashman
  • 2003: Italeri Harrier: David Hinde
  • 2002: Revel Spitfire V: Jerry Cashman