Its on again – the (first) famous ACTSMS Blitz Build for 2020 is being held over the Easter Long Weekend!

The Blitz starts at 6PM on Thursday 9 April and runs until midnight, Monday 13th.

The goal – to build and finish a model completely within that time window! (or if you are up for a challenge – go for two (or even more!)))

Models can be of any type, scale, subject or topic – there aren’t any real rules and there are no winners except for ourselves – but the general idea is that the model should be built entirely on the weekend – so projects that have been lying around half-finished aren’t really the idea.

Crack into your stash and pull out something that you know (deep down) you’ll never build – and have a go!

Build it like you are 12 again :-)

Keep your mates entertained by posting progress photos to the Facebook group and stay tuned for details of a couple of live video hookups as we go!

If you’ve never participated in a Blitz before, have a go – they are a real hoot! And don’t worry, you don’t need to spend the whole weekend building – just have a go is the idea :-) … but we think you’ll be surprised how quickly you can go when you really try though :-)

A few tips from seasoned campaigners;

  • Work out in advance what you’ll build – check it to make sure it’s got all its parts and decals!
  • If this is your first Blitz – pick a subject you think you can achieve in the 4 days (oh come on – 4 bloody days!!! You can do anything in 4 days!)
  • Check you supplies – how are you for glue, paint, band-aids etc?
  • A Blitz is a Marathon! Remember to limber up first – you don’t want to strain any foo-foo valves at the 11th hour!
  • Let the rest of the household know in advance that you’ll be busy – but don’t worry about dropping the kids to soccer or going to the movies with mates… you can’t ! :-)

See you online! :-)