Club 1-Day event

The ACTSMS is holding a mini competition and modelling event for members of the society on Saturday 13th of February 2021 at the Holt Community Centre, 80 Beaurepaire Cres, Holt ACT 2615.

The day offers a mini members-only competition, build-tables, workshops and demos, a swap-n-sell and the chance to kick back, relax and talk modelling with your mates for a full day!

The event kicks off at 9AM we’ve got the venue for the full day so lots of opportunity to meet your fellow club members and talk models!

Competition Results

What a fabulous day! A fabulous venue, light, airy and good parking. We’ll be back!

143 models were entered in the comp! Results are available here.

Comp entry rules;

  • Models entries must have been made by you and you must be a current financial member of the ACTSMS.
  • Entries must NOT have been entered at ScaleACT previously. (Models which have been entered in the monthly ‘Peoples Choice’ events are very welcome however!)
  • Models can only be entered via the following online entry form – no ‘on the day’ entries will be accepted.
  • Judging commences at 10AM. All Competition models must be delivered to the venue by 10AM or won’t be eligible for the comp.
  • No Die-Cast or Lego please.

Please Note: This comp is Online Entry Only! The ONLY way to enter this comp is via the following online entry form – NO ‘on the day’ or paper entry is being offered. The online entry form will be available until midday on Friday 12th – No entries after that date/time will be possible.

Competition Entry is now closed!

Competition Judging

This Comp will be judged using our newly developed ‘Triage’ system which uses two-passes to assess entries. In the first pass, teams of assessors examine the models in a category and identify a short-list of the best models in the category (up to a maximum of five models per category). These short-listed models are then further examined by a team of senior judges and the category winner identified. Some of the short-listed models may receive commendations. A brief note will be made for each entry which doesn’t make it to the shortlist identifying areas for improvement as feedback to entrants.

Competition Categories

The following are the categories which will be offered at the 1-Day comp. If you have any questions about where your model fits, please ask via the club eMail.

  1. Military Aircraft. Prop. 1/72 and smaller
  2. Military Aircraft. Prop. 1/48
  3. Military Aircraft. Prop. 1/32 and larger
  4. Military Aircraft. Jet. 1/72 and smaller
  5. Military Aircraft. Jet. 1/48
  6. Military Aircraft. Jet. 1/32 and larger
  7. Helicopters
  8. Civilian Aircraft. Prop
  9. Civilian Aircraft. Jet
  10. AFV. Tracked. 1/72 and smaller
  11. AFV. Tracked. 1/48
  12. AFV. Tracked. 1/35 and larger
  13. AFV. Wheeled. 1/72 and smaller
  14. AFV. Wheeled. 1/48
  15. AFV. Wheeled. 1/35 and larger
  16. Artillery
  17. Cars
  18. Trucks
  19. Motorcycles
  20. Ships & Subs
  21. Rail
  22. Dioramas
  23. Figures
  24. Busts
  25. Vehicles or Machines. SciFi, Fantasy, Movie or What-if
  26. Gundam
  27. Scratch-built/Open
  28. Juniors & Young Guns