Club 1-Day Comp 2021 – Results

A fabulous day’s competition for our first 1-Day Club Only competition. 143 models were presented from 32 club members who contested 25 categories.

Competition Results were;

1. Military Aircraft. Prop. 1/72 and smaller
Winner: Peter Davis, Hellcat
Commended: Allan McRae, Hungarian 109G Academy
Commended: Julius Emmerson, A5M2a

2. Military Aircraft. Prop. 1/48
Winner: Allan McRae, Mustang Don Gentile
Commended: Allan McRae, Junkers D-1

3. Military Aircraft. Prop. 1/32 and larger
Winner: Brad Fallen, Hasegawa/Attitude Aviation HA-1112 Buchon
Commended: Tony Allocca, Trumpeter Bf109F-4

4. Military Aircraft. Jet. 1/72 and smaller
Winner: Peter Davis,  RAAF E-7A Wedgetail
Commended: Julius Emmerson, Vampire T.11
Commended: Eric O’Brien, The Aussie Hornet

5. Military Aircraft. Jet. 1/48
Winner: Min Hwang, Yak-38 ‘Forger’
Commended, Ben Frohling, Mig 37E
Commended, Min Hwang, Chengdu J-7

6. Military Aircraft. Jet. 1/32 and larger
Winner: Chris Leeman, Bochum Natter. 1/32 Flyhawk

7. Helicopters
Winner: Ben Frohling, FL 282 -V6

8. Civilian Aircraft. Prop
Winner: Graham Carter, Blackburn Pellet
Commended: Graham Carter, Supermarine Sea Lion

9. Civilian Aircraft. Jet
Winner: Ben Frohling, Qantas 737-800
Commended: Ray Seppala, Boeing 777-476, Australian Airlines

10. AFV. Tracked. 1/72 and smaller
Winner: Ray Bromwich Crusader Mk.II
Commended: Ray Bromwich Matilda Mk.II

11. AFV. Tracked. 1/48
Joint winners: Chris Leeman, Panzer 38(t). & Tony Allocca, Churchill

12. AFV. Tracked. 1/35 and larger
Winner: Chris Leeman, Panther Aust D.
Commended: Ben Frohling, Stug III C
Commended: Chris Leeman, BergeHetzer (late)

13. AFV. Wheeled. 1/72 and smaller
Winner: Ray Bromwich, Humber Mk.II

14. AFV. Wheeled. 1/48
Winner: Jerry Cashman, GAZ 67B “Chapayev”

15. AFV. Wheeled. 1/35 and larger (Not contested)

16. Artillery
Winner: Ray Wearn, 40mm Bofors Anti-Aircraft Gun

17. Cars
Winner: Paul D’Orival, Ferrari 250 GTO (#3987) Nassau 1962
Commended: Paul D’Orival, VW Beetle Modifed

18. Trucks
Winner: Graham Carter, ALVIS Salamander

19. Motorcycles (Not contested)

20. Ships & Subs
Winner: Ben Frohling, HMAS Collins
Commended: Ben Frohling, USS Chicago

21. Rail. (Not contested)

22. Dioramas
Winner: Jerry Cashman, “Baguette, Monsewer?”

23. Figures
Winner: Mario Marangoni, Medieval Forge Roman Heavy Crossbow
Commended: Mario Marangoni, “On the River”

24. Busts
Winner: Andrew Judson, Viking War God
Commended: Andrew Judson, Road Girl
Commended: Mario Marangoni, Muzza the Modelling Monkey

25. Vehicles or Machines. SciFi, Fantasy, Movie or What-if
Winner: Craig Stanley, Tie Advanced & Tie Fighter
Commended: Ben Frohling, Space 1999: The Hawk
Commended: Chris Leeman, Spectrum Fighter.

26. Gundam
Winner: Marrisa Christina, Aile Strike Gundam: Blue Angels
Commended: Edward Scott, MSM-03C Hy-Gogg
Commended: Edward Scott, MG RX-178 Gundam Mk-II

27. Scratch-built/Open
Winner: Jerry Cashman, QANTAS DH.61 “Giant Moth”

28. Juniors & Young Guns
Winner: David Scott, Soviet T-62A