ScaleACT-17 Results

Many thanks to all who entered the ScaleACT-17 Competition.

ScaleACT-17 Best of Show

Eric Galliers – Vought SBU-1 Corsair

ScaleACT-17 Best of Show. Eric Galliers – Vought SBU-1 Corsair. Photo: Gary Brook

The Best of Show award is selected by the ACTSMS President, Chief Judge and Frank Morgan and is proudly sponsored by ModelArt Australia.

Eric has published a build photo-gallery of his beautiful Corsair here.


Special Award winners

The Great Escape – Oscar Dash

Juniors sponsored by the ACTSMS Committee
Oscar Dash – “The Great Escape”

Taylum Chamberlain – Ecto1

Young Guns (13-18 years) sponsored by the ACTSMS Committee
Taylum Chamberlain – Ecto 1

Best application of decals sponsored by Custom Hobby Decals
Jason Wollett – Calsonic Skyline

The Masochist’s Award for courage in the face of a difficult project sponsored by Runway 13
Bill Spargo – Savoia Marchetti SM79-60-9

Best RAAF Model in Show sponsored by The RAAF Association (ACT Branch)
Andrew Perren – UH-1H Iroquois

Emergency & Humanitarian Services –  The Grail competition – Runway 13’s choice sponsored by Runway 13
Anthony Martin – 3/4 Cav M113

Emergency & Humanitarian Services – The Grail competition – Competitor’s choice sponsored by Runway 13
David White – Model T 1914 Firetruck

Emergency & Humanitarian Services – The Grail competition – People’s choice sponsored by Runway 13
Laurence Maftei – “343”

The Sentinel Shield (Tamiya 1/48 Matilda Mk.II tank) sponsored by Ronnel’s Hobbies
Clayton Ockerby – Matilda Mk.II tank

The Kittyhawk Cup (Eduard 1/48 Spitfire weekend edition series) sponsored by Star Hobbies
Stuart Coleman – Supermarine Spitfire Mk.IX

Best Painted Model – chosen by the ACTSMS President and Chief Judge
Chris Leeman – Taktischer Raketenwerfer “Unke”

The Commonwealth Cup (best Australian/British/Canadian model in show) – chosen by the special international judging team, sponsored by ACTSMS and IPMS Ottawa
1st – Edward Clark – Royal Navy Vosper
2nd – Andrew Perren – Harrier GR-7A
3rd – Lukas Kasuba – Mk.I British Male tank

Best Model of an Australian Subject sponsored by Red Roo Models
Andrew Perren – UH-1H Iroquois

Member’s Choice  – voted by ACTSMS members, sponsored by Platypus Publications
Andrew Evans – M1070 transporter 1000 & D9R bulldozer

People’s Choice – voted by show visitors, sponsored by Boomerang Models
Edward Clark – F4U-1 Corsair (Birdcage)

Competition Category Winners


Military Aircraft. 1/72 – WW2 – Multi-engine – Allied
Stuart Coleman; Handley Page Halifax III

Military Aircraft. 1/72 – WW2 – Multi-engine – Axis
Chris Leeman; Kawanishi H8K2 Type 2 Flying Boat Model 12

Military Aircraft. 1/72 – WW2 – Single engine – Allied
Clayton Ockerby; F4F Wildcat

Military Aircraft. 1/72 – WW2 – Single engine – Axis
Peter Mitchell; Fiat CR.42

Military Aircraft. 1/72. Post War. Multi engine
Calum Gibson; Handley Page Victor B.2

Military Aircraft. 1/72. Post War. Single engine
Min Hwang; Dassault Rafale

Military Aircraft. 1/48 – WW2, Single Engine, Axis
Bill Spargo; Bf109E3 – Yellow 1 JG51

Military Aircraft. 1/48 – WW2, Single Engine, Allied
Stuart Colman; Hawker Hurricane

Military Aircraft. 1/48 – WW2, Multi Engine – Allied
Bill Spargo; Savoia Marchetti SM79-60-9

Military Aircraft. 1/48 – Post WW2, Multi Engine
Bill Spargo; FA-18 A21-8

Military Aircraft. 1/48 – Post WW2, Single Engine
Andrew Perren; Harrier GR-7A

Military Aircraft: 1/32: Pre WW2
Eric Galliers; Vought SBU-1 Corsair

Military Aircraft: 1/32: WW2
Edward Clark; F4U-1 Corsair (Birdcage)

Military Aircraft: 1/32: Post WW2
Leslie Applebee; F/A-18E Super Hornet

Civilian Aircraft. Multi Engine
Peter Shum; Boeing 737-900 KLM

Andrew Perren; UH-1H Iroquois


Military vehicles & artillery

Military vehicles, 1/72 – Pre WW2
Lukas Kasuba; Mk.I British Male tank

Military vehicles, 1/72 – Post WW2
Leslie Applebee; M113AS4

Military vehicles. 1/48
Chris Leeman; Möbelwagen

Military vehicles. 1/35. WW2. Allied
Lukas Kasuba; SU-122 Initial production

Military vehicles. 1/35. WW2 Axis
Trevor Stohr; German Railway Flatbed Typ Ommr 2 Axle

Military vehicles. 1/35. Post WW2, Tracked
Ron Puttee; Breacher

Military vehicles. 1/35. Post WW2, Wheeled
Clayton Ockerby; Husky MkIII

Phill Martin; German 88mm Anti-Aircraft/Tank gun



Edward Clark; Royal Navy Vosper

Ships. Subs
Lukas Kasuba; Seehund XXVIIB Midget Submarine


Civilian Vehicles

Cars. Street. Pre-1950
Jason Wollett; Toyota AA

Cars. Street. 1950-1980
Jason Wollett; RX-7

Cars. Street. Post-1980
Paul D’Orival; Porsche Turbo ’88 Modified

Cars. Competition. Pre-1950
Chris Swarbrick; Fiat

Cars. Competition. 1950-1980
Chris Swarbrick; Porsche 935 k3

Cars. Competition. Post-1980
Jason Wollett; Peugeot 206

Civilian Vehicles. Motorcycles
Gordon Whaley; Tamiya BMW R80G/S Paris to Dakar bike

Civilian Vehicles. Trucks
Warren Nott; Mack DM800


Figures & Busts

Figures & Busts. Historical
David Hay; Ronin



Dioramas: Class A
Laurence Maftei; Predator

Dioramas: Class B
Andrew Evans; M1070 transporter 1000 & D9R bulldozer


Science Fiction & Fantasy; Gundam; Real Space

Sci Fi, Fantasy, Movie. Figures
Andrew Perren; Tywin Lannister

Sci Fi, Fantasy, Movie. Air/Space Vehicles
Min Hwang; Millenium Falcon

Sci Fi, Fantasy, Movie. Ground Vehicles
Leslie Applebee; Go Go Gustav Racing 109

Ben Winter-Giles; “Goldie”

What-If, Air
Allan McRae; Me-1090

What-If, Land
Chris Leeman; Taktischer Raketenwerfer “Unke”

Real Space
Eric Galliers; Mercury Redstone



Scratch-built. All scales, All subjects / Open
Leslie Applebee; 1/32 Macchi MB326 RAAF Trainer