ScaleACT-19 Results

We will update this page with lots of lovely photographs soon, but for now, here is the raw data!


1: Military Aircraft. 1/32 – Pre WW2
Lukas Kasuba; Hansa Brandenburg W.12 (Early)

2: Military Aircraft. 1/32 – WW2
(Sponsored by ACTSMS Member Michael Cooper)
Eric Galliers; CAC Boomerang

3: Military Aircraft. 1/32 – Post WW2
(Sponsored by ACTSMS Member Michael Cooper)
Brent Simpson; F16i Sufa

4: Military Aircraft. 1/48 – Pre WW2
Brad Cancian; Caproni Ca.20

5: Military Aircraft. 1/48 – WW2, Single Engine, Allied
(Sponsored by Red Roo)
Sam Dwyer; Spitfire Mk.1

6: Military Aircraft. 1/48 – WW2, German
Stuart Coleman; FW-190D

8: Military Aircraft. 1/48 – WW2, Japanese
Stuart Coleman; Aichi Seiran

9: Military Aircraft. 1/48 – Post WW2, Single Engine
Lukas Kasuba; Avia S-99/C-10

10: Military Aircraft. 1/48 – Post WW2, Multi Engine
Calum Gibson; F-15E Strike Eagle

11: Military Aircraft. 1/72 – Pre WW2
Brad Cancian; Sopwith 1 1/2 Strutter

12: Military Aircraft. 1/72 – WW2 – Single Engine – Allied
(Sponsored by Red Roo)
Herman Zhang; P-51D Mustang

13: Military Aircraft. 1/72 – WW2 – Single Engine – Axis
Jiri Kure; Tachikawa Ki-55

14: Military Aircraft. 1/72 – WW2 – Multi Engine – Allied
Matt Lyons; Bristol Beaufighter XXI

15: Military Aircraft. 1/72 – WW2 – Multi Engine – Axis
Stuart Coleman; Ki-67 Peggy

16: Military Aircraft. 1/72 – Post WW2, Single Engine
Min Hwang F-8E Crusader ‘Shamrocks’

17: Military Aircraft. 1/72 – Post WW2, Multi Engine
Min Hwang; Tornado ECR Tiger Meet 2011/12

18: Civilian Aircraft. Single Engine
David Muir; Mignet Flying Flea

19: Civilian Aircraft. Multi Engine
William Spargo; Alaska Airlines

20. Helicopters
Clayton Ockerby; Fletcher FI282 Kolibri

Military vehicles & artillery

22: Military Vehicles. 1/35 Pre ‘45, Allied
Matt Hampton; Whippet

23: Military Vehicles. 1/35 – WW2, Axis
Sam Dwyer; Jagdtiger 331

24: Military Vehicles. 1/35 – Post WW2, Tracked
Ron Puttee; IDF Shot Kal (Gimel)

25: Military Vehicles. 1/35 – Post WW2, Wheeled
Luis Pinzon; MAZ 537

27: Military Vehicles. 1/48
Clayton Ockerby; Knocked out King Tiger

30: Military Vehicles. 1/72
Herman Zhang; Soviet T-28 Medium Tank

Civilian Vehicles

35: Cars. Street. Pre-1980
David Muir; Austin 7 Van

37: Cars. Street. Post-1980
Lee Adams; Porsche Carrera GT

38: Cars. Competition. Pre-1980
Chris Swarbrick; Lotus 79

40: Cars. Competition. Post-1980
Lee Adams; BMW M3 e30

41: Civilian Vehicles. Motorcycles
Luis Pinzon; Honda RCV211

42: Civilian Vehicles. Trucks
Andrew Evans; American Fire Truck


43: Dioramas. Class A (0~1 Vehicle + 0~3 Figures)
Sam Dwyer; No Photography!

44: Dioramas. Class B (Not Class A)
Min Hwang & Ben Winter-Giles; In the Dark…

Figures & Busts

45: Figures & Busts – Historical. Large (76mm +)
Andrew Judson; Mursi Warrior

46: Figures & Busts – Historical. Small (75mm -)
David Hay; Minute Man

47: Figures & Busts – Historical. Busts
Andrew Judson; Budica

Science Fiction & Fantasy, Gundam & Real Space

49: SciFi, Fantasy, Movie. Figures
Andrew Judson; Dryad

50: SciFi, Fantasy, Movie. Ground Vehicles
Anthony Barnes; Field Repairs

51: SciFi, Fantasy, Movie. Air/Space Vehicles
Chris Leeman; Star Destroyer

52: Gundam
Ben Winter-Giles; The Nightingale


53: Ships
Ronald Zhang; KMS H-39 ‘Hutten’

56: Ships. Subs
Craig Stanley; U-49 Type VIIB U-boat


57: Rail
David Low; German high sided gondola

What If?

58: What-If? Air
Eric O’Brien; F117 Stealth ‘NachtJager’

59: What-If? Land
Min Hwang; USMC VMFA-232 Red Devils Gundam Bael


60: Scratchbuilt/Open. All Scales, all subjects
Eric Galliers; The Tip of the Spear

Special award winners

Juniors (< 13 years) sponsored by the Kerroby Model and Star Hobbies
Joseph P – TIE Advanced X1

Young Guns (< 18 years)
Oscar D – “Diesel and Dust”

Achievement Unlocked!
(Sponsored by Akikambara, Runway 13 and The Scale Modellers Supply)
Andrew Pondaag – B1B Lancer

Best Supercar in show
Lee Adams – Porsche Carrera GT

Best ARMA Hobby model sponsored by Red Roo
Peter Davis – PZL P.11

The Masochist’s Award for courage in the face of a difficult project
sponsored by Runway 13
Graham Carter – Savoie-Machetti S55

Best RAAF Model in Show sponsored by The RAAF Association (ACT Branch)
Simon Wolff – GAF Beaufighter

Best RAAF Model in Show – Junior Entry sponsored by The RAAF Association (ACT Branch)
James Magnussen – A Weary War in the Pacific

The Grail: At the Movies – Competitor’s Choice
Ben Frohling – Greased Lightning

The Grail: At the Movies – People’s Choice
Brad Cancian – Pfalz D.III from “The Blue Max”

The Sentinel Shield (Tamiya 1/48 Tiger I/Sturmtiger series) sponsored by Ronnel’s Hobbies
Peter Davis – Sturmtiger

The Kittyhawk Cup (Eduard/Revell 1/48 “Weekend Edition” series) sponsored by Runway 13
Min Hwang – MiG-21MF Slovakian Air Force

Best Painted Model
(sponsored by The Scale Modellers Supply)
David Hay – Lord Byron

The Commonwealth Cup (best Australian/British/Canadian model in show)
(sponsored by ACTSMS, IPMS Ottawa & IPMS Farnborough)
1st – Matt Hampton – Whippet
2nd – Luis Pinzon – Honda RCV211
3rd – David Muir – Mignet Flying Flea

Member’s Choice
Sponsored by Platypus Publications
Min Hwang & Ben Winter-Giles – In the Dark…

People’s Choice
(sponsored by the ACTSMS Life Members Group)
Min Hwang & Ben Winter-Giles – In the Dark…

Best of Show

(sponsored by ModelArt Australia)

Ben Winter-Giles – The Nightingale