ACTSMS Meetings & Events

The committee has put considerable thought and effort into our activities calendar and will be presenting a great range of workshops, feedback sessions, guest speakers and Peoples Choice sessions throughout the year. To help you plan your diary, we offer the following calendar which clearly lays out what you can expect at our monthly meetings; like all things, this template will evolve over time and feedback is definitely welcomed.

Club meetings are held at the Hellenic Club – Woden and commence at 7:30 PM. Please Note: For 2020 we’ve managed to secure the Woden venue for all meetings, but do please check the dates below as not all meetings are on the 2nd Wednesday of the month!

PS: Keep your eye on the calendar below – it will be progressively updated as the topic’s of each meeting are decided.

Group Builds

One of the events we’ll be running in 2020 is a series of four Group Builds. The theme for the first group build is ‘Anything Qantas‘. You can read more about the group builds here.

2020 Meeting Schedule


Hey team – we are now planning on restarting physical meetings from AUGUST. This will be naturally amended in line with latest advice from relevant authorities, but for now the plan is as follows;

OCTOBER Meeting: Wednesday 7 October 2020 (NEW – 1st WED)

The October society meeting will be a big’un, so get ready!

  • RUOK Build Night (so bring something to work on, tools, lighting etc),
  • Special raffle,
  • Quiz/Trivia event,
  • Random member number draw,
  • Head or tails, and
  • People’s Choice

NOVEMBER Meeting: Wednesday 11 November 2020

DECEMBER Meeting: Wednesday 9 December 2020 

ScaleACT 2020 Update

The ScaleACT committee are hard at work planning to hold ScaleACT-20 as originally planned! There will be a raft of changes to the way we hold the weekend to accommodate Covid-19, but the big news is that we are planning for the comp to proceed!

We are looking forward to seeing you all there ! 🙂