ACTSMS Meetings & Events

The committee has put considerable thought and effort into our activities calendar and will be presenting a great range of workshops, feedback sessions, guest speakers and Peoples Choice sessions throughout the year. To help you plan your diary, we offer the following calendar which clearly lays out what you can expect at our monthly meetings; like all things, this template will evolve over time and feedback is definitely welcomed.

All regular club meetings are held at the Hellenic Club – Woden and commence at 7:30.

2017 Meeting Summary

– Date: Wednesday 11 Oct
Presentation: Japanese Armour: Tony Martin.
– Round-Table: Share your favourite tips and techniques
– Peoples Choice – bring your recently completed models!
– Raffle

– Date: Tuesday 7th Nov – NOTE: Tuesday!
(No rooms were available for our regular Wednesday meeting this month…) 

– ScaleACT Preparations & Judging refresher
– Workshop: Photographing your models: Brad Fallen
– Peoples Choice – bring your recently completed models!
– Raffle

– Date: 11/12 November 

– Location: Kaleen High School
– Stand by for more details

– Date: 13 Dec
– Announcing the ACTSMS End-Of-Year Members Comp!
-Stay tuned for details – a special one-night competition for ACTSMS members – Fabulous Prizes, Limited Categories – Encouragement Awards… entry open to all financial members of the Society!