ACTSMS Meetings & Events

The committee has put considerable thought and effort into our activities calendar and will be presenting a great range of workshops, feedback sessions, guest speakers and Peoples Choice sessions throughout the year. To help you plan your diary, we offer the following calendar which clearly lays out what you can expect at our monthly meetings; like all things, this template will evolve over time and feedback is definitely welcomed.

Club meetings are held at the Hellenic Club – Woden and normally commence at 7:30 PM. Please Note: For 2021 we’ve managed to secure the Woden venue for most meetings, but will be trailing replacing some evening meetings with a selection of Weekend events. Please check the dates and locations below as not all meetings are on the 2nd Wednesday of the month!

PS: Keep your eye on the calendar below – it will be progressively updated as the topic’s of each meeting are decided.

2021 Group Builds

After the great success of our Group Build series, they will return for 2021.

  • 1: Anything RAAF! 1st Jan to 31st March.
  • 2: Golden Oldies! 1st April to 30th June. In recognition of the clubs upcoming 50th Anniversary (in 2022) this theme will be for kits produced in 1972 (or earlier!). The Rules will be:
    • Kit must have been manufactured in 1972 or earlier.
    • No aftermarket products unless they was also produced in 1972 or earlier.
    • Enhancements or Details (if you wish to add them) can only be done with plastic card, masking tape, metal sheets, wire or string etc..
    • Due to the age of these kits one exception to the 1972 rule will apply: Decals! Aftermarket decals are allowed – regardless of when they have been produced.

2021 Meeting Schedule