Competition Details

Our competition judging system was originally based on the IPMS USA 2002 rules, but we’ve been refining and localising these for over a decade and they are now uniquely our own. Our assessment system aims to find the best model in each category by ‘knocking-out’ models which exhibit flaws until the best is left!

We use a two-pass system to assess entries. The first (or ‘triage’ pass) forms a short list of the best presented models in a category. In the second pass, senior judges review the short-list to identify the category winner and runners up, some of which may be awarded a commendation.

Our judging teams look most keenly at basic modelling skills (construction, alignment, finish, etc) before moving on to more detailed examinations. In this system, a beautifully finished model with drooping fins or wonky wheels won’t win – so paying attention to the basics of modelling is important! :-)

Competition Notes

Competition Entry: for 2021, competition entry will be via ONLINE ONLY. No ‘on the day’ physical paper entries will be accepted. If you aren’t sure if a model will be finished in time – please enter it online anyway so you aren’t disappointed by being refused entry on the day. Online entry is quick and easy – if you can read this web page you can enter online. :-)

Entry Fees. Competition entry fees are charged for all entrants (members and visitors) full details here.

References: References are NOT required at ScaleACT. If you’ve modified your model to represent a particular subject, that’s great – we trust you and look forward to seeing it. Models are judged as presented at ScaleACT, so you’ll be more likely to be penalised for not paying attention to basic modelling skills rather than a disagreement over a particular shade of RLM-something-or-other.

Die-Cast models. ScaleACT is a competition is for scale models that are built by the entrant, either from kits or scratch-built from raw materials. Predominantly pre-assembled models, E.g. : Die-Cast will not be accepted for competition. NOTE: The ban on pre-assembled models includes cases where a Die-Cast model has been enhanced and/or refinished by the owner.

ScaleACT-21 Categories

The following categories are offered for ScaleACT-21. Please study the list carefully as there have been changes from previous years.

Aircraft categories

Notes: Small = 1/72 and smaller, Medium = 1/48. Large = 1/32 and larger.

1: Military Aircraft. Prop, single. Small scale.
2: Military Aircraft. Prop, multi. Small scale.
3: Military Aircraft. Prop, single. Medium scale.
4: Military Aircraft. Prop, multi. Medium scale.
5: Military Aircraft. Prop, single. Large scale.
6: Military Aircraft. Prop, multi. Large scale.
7: Military Aircraft. Jet, single. Small scale.
8: Military Aircraft. Jet, multi. Small scale.
9: Military Aircraft. Jet, single. Medium scale.
10: Military Aircraft. Jet, multi. Medium scale.
11: Military Aircraft. Jet, single. Large scale.
12: Military Aircraft. Jet, multi. Large scale.
13: Helicopters – all scales
14. Civilian & Airliners – all scales

Armoured Fighting Vehicles

Notes: Small = 1/72 and smaller, Medium = 1/48, Large = 1/35 and larger.
Tracked includes half-tracks.

15: AFV. Tracked. Small scale.
16: AFV. Wheeled. Small scale.
17: AFV. Tracked. Medium scale.
18: AFV. Wheeled. Medium scale.
19: AFV. Tracked. Large scale.
20: AFV. Wheeled. Large scale.
21: Artillery – all scale

22: Cars – street
23: Cars – motorsport
24: Trucks
25: Motorcycles

26: Dioramas. Class A (0~1 Vehicle + 0~3 Figures)
27: Dioramas. Class B (Not Class A)

28: Figures – Large (76mm +)
29: Figures – Small (75mm -)
30: Figures. Fantasy & Sci-Fi – all scales
31: Busts – all scales

32: Vehicles: Real Space, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Movie.
33: Gundam – Open
34: Gundam – Straight Build

35: Ships
36: Subs

37: Rail

38: What-If? All subjects
39: Scratchbuilt/Open. All Scales, all subjects
40: Juniors (12 <=)
41: Young guns (13~17)

42: Kittyhawk Cup
43: Sentinel Shield
44: The Grail
45: Achievement Unlocked

In addition to the regular competition categories above, several special awards are presented at ScaleACT, including awards for the Best Australian model, Best RAAF model and the Commonwealth Cup (the best model of a Commonwealth (Australian, British or Canadian) subject.)