Helping Out

There are lots of tasks going on in the background to make an event like ScaleACT run smoothly – if you’ve an hour or so to spare, we’d love your help!

  • Setup on Friday is expected to run from 1600 to 1800, but will be confirmed closer to the event.
  • The rostered positions cover slots from 0900 to 1630 on Saturday and 1000 to 1530 on Sunday.
  • Clean up on Sunday will start as soon as possible after the event closes.

Please fill in the following to let us know how you can be involved…

The Jobs:

Friday Setup: This normally runs from 1600 to around 1800/1900 and involves a bit of lugging around of tables, chairs etc as well as some general prep work (eg putting up signs, setting up displays, assisting the traders, etc).

Front Door: The Public Entry door has to be manned on Saturday and Sunday. The Front Door roster runs in 1 hour slots & is a straightforward job – welcome the visitors, accept entry fees, hand out the ScaleACT booklet and smile a bit :-)

Assessment: (Saturday afternoon). Anyone can help with the assessment of the competition models – don’t worry if you haven’t done it before, there’ll be a briefing beforehand & we’ll pair you up with one of the experienced folk, who will guide you through the process. Assessing the models is a great way to see them close up – it’s a lot of fun and you always learn something new. Those of you who are entering a competition model are especially encouraged to help out with assessment. – NOTE: We are using our new two-phase triage/assessment system this year – volunteers are encouraged to get involved in phase 1 on Saturday afternoon (the Triage phase).

Swap & Sell: The Swap & Sell roster runs in 1 hour slots & the job is pretty simple – punters will bring over a model or three and thrust money at you. You simply record the details either on a docket or a seller’s list; and shove the money in a tin – there’ll even be calculators on hand for those who don’t trust their maths skills.

Roving Volunteer: This is a new role and it’s fairly uncomplicated – put on one of our very fashionable ACTSMS yellow-fluro vests and keep an eye on things, eg folks leaning too far over tables (potentially endangering models/displays), folks looking for assistance, folks acting suspiciously around tables of goodies, etc. This will also run in 1 hour slots.

Clean-up: Many hands make light work & the tear down happens very quickly, just help clear the tables, chairs & paraphernalia away and it’s done in no time at all!

Please use the comments box if you’d like to add any extra information, eg: “I’m only available from 1200 to 1400 on Sunday.”, “I’m happy to do three shifts on Saturday.”, “I can do any time Saturday except 1100-1300.” etc…