ScaleACT-17 Special Competitions

For ScaleACT-17, the subject models for our special competitions are;

Kittyhawk Cup
– Eduard 1/48 Spitfire IX – in any of the ‘Weekend Edition’ boxings.

Sentinel Shield
– Tamiya 1/48 Matilda!

The Grail 2017: “Emergency & Humanitarian Services”. (Sponsored by Runway-13 & Snowy Southcare)

The theme of the Grail 2017 includes subjects from fiction as well as reality as rescue stories are a large part of our imagination and culture – so yes, Thunderbirds are Go!

  • Any model in any scale, built from a kit, out of the box, enhanced or scratch-built (No Die-Cast or pre-assembled models).
  • The subject must clearly show that it is engaged in emergency or humanitarian services work and must meet at least one of the following conditions;
    • Have an emblem, markings or colours showing that it belongs to an emergency or humanitarian services organisation.
    • Have equipment specifically designed for emergency or humanitarian service works. Eg: life-boats, stretchers or firefighting equipment.