Sentinel Shield

What is the Sentinel Shield?
The Sentinel Shield is a special Scale ACT judging category where all entrants must build a particular AFV model, strictly to “Out of the Box” rules.

The model chosen as the subject for the ACTSMS Scale ACT ’17 Sentinel Shield is the Tamiya 1/48 Matilda Mk.III/IV British Infantry Tank Mk.IIA*

Eligible models

  • Tamiya 1/48 Matilda Mk.III/IV British Infantry Tank Mk.IIA* (kit 32572)

Sentinel Shield Rules.

The Rules are very simple:

  • only the kit(s) listed above are eligible for entry
  • the competition is open to all modellers, ACTSMS members or not
  • the model must be constructed strictly to ACTSMS ‘Out of the Box‘ rules. No materials not found in the original box may be used. No aftermarket parts etc. The exception is decals (see below)
  • modellers may finish their models using aftermarket decals and/or paint schemes
  • Sentinel Shield entries will be judged as a stand-alone category, provided ACTSMS judging rules regarding number of category entries and entrants are met.

Oh, and why call this special military vehicle competition the “Sentinel” Shield? This comes from the AC1 Sentinel, the Australian-designed and manufactured tank produced during WWII.