The Grail – Emergency and Humanitarian

Emergency and Humanitarian Services

A special competition developed and sponsored by Runway 13

Theme: Saving Lives – Emergency and Humanitarian Services

Like everyone, the modelling community is indebted to the dedicated people in these organisations and the work they do.  Sadly though this is not apparent on the models we make, and it is very rare to see at competitions and display of models on emergency and humanitarian services.  We make plenty of models of subjects that “blow up things” or “kill people” but how about we also make some models of subjects that saves lives and property.

The theme of emergency and humanitarian services is very wide and includes;

  • Law enforcement
  • Peace Keeping
  • Emergency Rescue
  • Fire Fighting
  • Medical Evacuation
  • Humanitarian and Disaster Relief
  • Foreign Aid and Charity

The theme should include subjects from fiction as well fact as rescue stories form a large part of our imagination, and there are certainly ideas for models here that everyone would recognise.

Competition Conditions

Entries to this competition must meet the following;

  • Any model built from a kit, out of the box, modified or scratch-built.
  • The subject must clearly show it is engaged in emergency and humanitarian services work and meeting at least one of the two follow conditions;
    1. Have emblem, markings or colours showing it belonging to an emergency or humanitarian organisation or it carries out these functions. Examples include Red Cross or Red Crescent, United Nations, Police, Ambulance or Fire Brigade and Search and Rescue.
    2. Have equipment specifically for emergency and humanitarian services.  Examples include lifeboats, stretchers and firefighting equipment.
  • Subject can be based on fact or fiction.
  • Include a short description on the subject including the organisation it belongs to and the services it carries out
  • Diecast models or pre-assembled are not eligible

Should there be any doubt on whether an entry meets these conditions, the Scale ACT Chief Judges’ decision is final.

Judging Format

Due to the wide variety of subjects that maybe entered, it will be very difficult to apply the usual competition judging format.  Instead, the competition will be run as a form of public’s, competitors’ and sponsor’s choice.

  • Best model as voted by visitors at Scale ACT.  This award favours the biggest, brightest and the most grand-looking models as that’s what the public likes and goes for.   The Grail trophy will be awarded to winner of this section.
  • Best model as voted by competitors at Scale ACT.  This award favours the best constructed and finished models as competitors appreciates skills involved in build such models.
  • Best model as selected by Runway 13.  This award favours the entrants who know what Peter Shum, the originator of this special competition, likes.  However as most Grumman products were not often used in emergency and humanitarian work, the competitors will need find more imaginative ways to get my attention.  Peter gets the sole vote on this award but he is likely to consult the Chief Judge on recommendations.

Competition Prizes

Runway 13 will donate the prizes for the winners (1st place) for each award.  (Note: It is very unlikely that an entry will take out more than one award.)

Rules for voting

The time for voting has allow for a reasonable number of the entries to arrive before it starts, and also end with enough time for the votes to be tallied up before the announcement of the competition results.

  • Voting start on Saturday 12:00
  • Voting finishes on Sunday 13:00
  • One voting ticket for the visitors’ award will be given to each visitor at Scale ACT.
  • One voting ticket for the competitors’ award will be given to each competitor at Scale ACT.

Incentive to enter and in the competition

In keeping with the theme of promoting the work of emergency and humanitarian services, Runway 13 will encourage participation in the event by pledging a donation to a charity (to be advised).

  • For every model entered in the Grail competition, Runway 13 will donate $2.00.
  • For every vote cast by the visitors and the competitors for the Grail competition, Runway 13 will donate $0.50.