Tag-Team Turbo Blitz (Speed-Build)

It’s Back! 

The Speed Build is a fun (hilarious) event originating back in 2007.

Teams of 3 go through a rigorous training schedule in the lead-up to the event.

Their task? To build a model, completely from start to finish – in 20 minutes!  Teams are egged on by a raucous crowd of onlookers and kept on the straight-and-narrow by our Blitz Master!

How does it work?

Following a Le-Mans style sprinting start, the first team member from each team opens the kit and does as much damage work as they can in 5 minutes. Carefully separating parts from sprue, diligently cleaning flash and perhaps filling ejector-pin marks.

At the 5 minute mark the judge blows his whistle and the second team member takes to the bench, neatly and efficiently gluing in a frenzy of fumes – it’s a joy to see and brings a tear to the eye.

At the 10 minute mark, the third team member swings into action leaving the 2nd team member a quivering wreck to finish gluing and carefully sand and surface-prepare their creation.

At the 15 minute mark, the three team members all come together to apply paint and decals before an adoring audience… Come! See a model grow from the raw plastic even as you watch!  There is poetry in seeing three grown men working, nay, dancing around the witches cauldron of plastic, paint and decals…

At the 20 minute mark the final whistle is blown – teams are left smoking ruins while their models stand proud and gleaming in the afternoon sun…

The Blitz Master then hands-down his verdict to popular acclaim.

What do I do now?

Gather 2 friends and form a team – we will provide tools, glue and paint on the day and will have a selection of suitable (ha ha) kits ready for you to build.

Submit the following form to secure your team spot!