The huge success of last year’s Best Ferrari award has encouraged us to run with another one-off civilian vehicle-themed special award for this year’s show. Advised by Gordon W and his team, the subject chosen is SUPERCARS.

What is a supercar? A super car (also referred to as an “exotic”) is a luxury, high performance sports car or grand tourer. The term is used in marketing by automakers for unusual and expensive vehicles, and has been used to refer to different sorts of cars.

Examples of supercars are: Limited-production specials from an elite auto maker, or, models from smaller manufacturers that appeal to enthusiasts

The eligibility rules for the “Best Supercar” award are simple:

  • Any street/road legal supercars (vehicles from any period that were considered ‘supercars’ at the time of their release) are eligible
  • Models must represent a car that is (or was) available in real life
  • Any scale is allowed, as are aftermarket parts and decals 
  • Diecast supercar models are NOT eligible
  • Enter your supercar model into one of the regular six car judging categories, and it will also be in the running for the “Best Supercar” award

* Please see the list below for examples of street/road legal supercars, and their available scale models. THIS IS NOT A COMPLETE LIST! If you wish to enter a model you understand to be a ‘supercar’, please bring it along – if there is any dispute, advice will be sought and the judges’ decision as to the eligibility of your model for the “Best Supercar” award will be final.  

We are looking into creating a special trophy for the winner, and maybe a prize or two to go with it… stay tuned for more details!