Swap & Sell

Please remember that volunteers run this stall as a service to all attendees of ScaleACT – and that this should be an enjoyable activity for everyone, so please play fair & play nice.

The ACT Scale Modellers’ Society (ACTSMS) volunteers take every care in looking after both merchandise and customers (both sellers & buyers); however, neither the volunteers nor the ACTSMS are able to take any responsibility for any discrepancies, missing parts or missing merchandise.

For sellers, accurate documentation protects the buyers, the people helping on the stall, and your investment – so please take the time to legibly and correctly fill out the Swap & Sell Sheets. Please check that you have completed all details and have signed as accepting the terms and conditions listed below. If you do not fill out and sign the documentation, ACTSMS will not accept your items for sale.

For buyers, treat the merchandise carefully, especially if you are opening things up – though please, if it’s sealed, leave it sealed! By all means check through for missing parts etc, but remember, until you buy it, it’s not yours so be careful with the items.

Terms & Conditions

Documentation. Sellers – please provide details of the items that you are selling by completing the Swap and Sell Sheets below. It will be much easier for all if this is done prior to your arrival, by either typing the details into the sheets, or printing the ‘blank’ sheets out and handwriting the details. A limited number of blank sheets will be available at the Swap & Sell desk; however, this is a last resort, (ie don’t rely on it). Finally, each item that you have for sale must have a sticker marked with your Seller Code, distinct Item Number and price, eg:

Please note that due to our streamlined checkout system, if an item does not have a sticker with a Seller Code, Item Number & price, we will not be able accept the item for sale. The volunteers do their best to match sale items to the sales sheet. However in the past, there have been instances where ambiguous/illegible sale sheets and/or missing stickers have made that very difficult. Although we try to ensure that errors are minimised, ACTSMS will take no responsibility for any issues arising in these instances. To reduce the risk, please ensure that your sales sheets/price stickers match and are legible.

Please note that ACTSMS will retain the Swap and Sell Sheets that you provide – this helps us to sort out any post-event issues that may arise and assists with the overall ScaleACT wash-up process.

Delivery: Given the large amount of sellers and kits processed prior to the Swap & Sell opening for business, the volunteers are unable to check off every item against your list. We trust that you bring all of the items that are on your list – & you trust that we take as much care of your items as we can. The ACTSMS will take no responsibility for listed items that are unaccounted for when you finalise your account.

Finances. Please note that unless you are a financial ACTSMS member, we will charge you 7.5% commission for what you sell – this money goes towards offsetting the cost of the venue, hiring tables etc. Sellers are able to collect their sales proceeds at any time over the weekend, but please note that if you wait until closing time on Sunday afternoon, there may be delays in tallying up your sheets and paying you out.

Incomplete or Damaged Kits. Please ensure that the items you are selling are complete or, if you know that your item is incomplete or damaged in some way, please make a note of it and include it with the price on the box. If an incomplete kit is identified and hasn’t been marked as such, it will be removed from sale until you complete the details. Remember the Swap & Sell is run for all, so protect your investment and keep potential buyers on side by making it clear what you’re selling. As an aside, if you are worried about loose parts, you might want to consider bagging them up inside the box.

Swap & Sell Resources

Sellers record sheets are here in either Excel or PDF formats.