The Grail – Emergency and Humanitarian

What is the “The Grail”?
“The Grail” is the third of our special Scale ACT competition categories, the subject of which may change from year to year, where all entrants must build from a particular series of models, strictly to “Out of the Box” rules. For 2017, the subject has been set as Emergency and Humanitarian Services!

The Grail 2017: “Emergency & Humanitarian Services”. (Sponsored by Runway-13 & Snowy Southcare)

The theme of the Grail 2017 includes subjects from fiction as well as reality as rescue stories are a large part of our imagination and culture – so yes, Thunderbird’s are Go!


  • The subject must clearly show that it is engaged in emergency or humanitarian services work and must meet at least one of the following conditions;
    • Have an emblem, markings or colours showing that it belongs to an emergency or humanitarian services organisation.
    • Have equipment specifically designed for emergency or humanitarian service works, for example: life-boats, stretchers or firefighting equipment.
  • Any model in any scale, built from a kit, out of the box, enhanced or scratch-built are eligible,   however Die-Cast or pre-assembled models will not be accepted.